Thursday, 11 August 2011

SMS Chilly's Bulk SMS service

What is SMS Chilly's bulk SMS Service???
Its very will get username and password for your account at our site,,You can login and take demo

One can send SMS to any mobile in India!
You can send customised SMS from any Excel sheet also with Excel Plugin software given to you absolutely free of cost,,
Your SMS will deliver in mobile with 8 characters  sender id (max) with Gateway code Like TD-SMSchily
Here TD is gateway,,while SMSchily is sender Id,,This is of legal importance

For demo call @ 9527307777

Everything works online,,Only you have to buy SMS package as per your need,,
For details of SMS package please SMS <Rate><Your Email Id> to 9527307777,,You can mail us at

SMSly yours,
Shiv Shankar

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